Who we are

The Game is an amateur athletic competition formed and presented by PNY LLC. The Game is based in Houston Texas and is the fastest growing amateur competition phenomena in the region. It's popularity and appeal is partly based on it's ability to motivate it's participant-members to exercise and pursue a healthy lifestyle thru competition. Another reason The Game is able to draw crowds of eager players is because of it's professionalism, respect for the history and tradition of sports and an astute understanding of what it's players want, a variety of prizes smooth running events, extra incentive opportunities to compete for cash and a steady schedule of high-quality well run competitions.

The Game will evolve and grow into one of the largest organized amateur sports competitions in the country. Our events speak for themselves. Come play the Game!

our methods


Professional and Organized
We believe that our events are the most well run amateur sports competitions available.


Fair and Respectful
The Game treats it's player-members with respect and fairness always. Our players are our business, we "take care of our business."


Prepared and Proactive
Our events will always have ample amounts of security, competition officials and payout prize money on hand.


Lead From The Front
We will always strive to stay new inventive, creative and exciting as we change the soul of what the world has come to expect from amateur sports competitions.